Thursday , August 6 2020

Greece:- This week is crucial!

With the eyes on cases of covid-19 and maybe on new measures, the government remains – That this week is crucial

The government is on alert, examining the emerging data from scratch on a daily basis and trying to find ways to prevent a large wave of coronavirus in the country, which will be unbearable for both the National Health System and the economy, which has already been hit and the data recession will worsen in the next period.



The government staff also has a new package in the drawer, which it can activate at any time, in case the situation continues to escalate and the cases increase.


The focus is mainly on entertainment centres and public transport, where the worrying phenomena of overcrowding and non-compliance with the measures are observed.


Kyriakos Mitsotakis will have a teleconference on Monday morning (3/8) with Sotiris Tsiodras, Vassilis Kikilias and Nikos Hardalias and will send a strict warning, first to all those involved for strict observance but primarily for the supervision of the measures. If there is no compliance, it is not ruled out that in the next few days there will be a speech by the Prime Minister to remind the citizens that they should continue to respect the measures for keeping distance, observing personal hygiene measures and of course the use of the mask.


If there is no result, it is not ruled out that we will see restrictions on traffic with the well-known sms at 13033 returning to leave the house, while it is not ruled out that there will be local lockdowns as happened for example in Echinos of Xanthi. In any case, the government seems determined to take any additional restrictive measures needed to stop the spread of coronavirus in the community. Vulnerable groups are in the foreground, and here, if the bad scenario of an increase in cases applies, the restoration of text messages from mobile phones is reportedly being considered.

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