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Greece:- Travelling from region to region, the Government’s plan to ease restrictions

Travel outside the prefecture with self test – A decision is made for the SMS to 13033

George Gerapetritis indicated travelling outside the prefecture a self test may be beneficial and estimated that in the coming days a decision will be made in regards to SMS to 13033.



The government now appears to be rolling out its plan to lift the lockdown restrictive measures in May, after 6 months.


The Minister of State, George Gerapetritis, speaking on the radio station “Parapolitika”, announced the opening for movements from May 14 or 15, as long as – as he said – the epidemiological data allow it.


He also did not rule out the possibility that a self-test may be necessary for travel from region to region

Regarding the abolition of SMS, he said that it will be evaluated next week.


Easing measures.

The easing of measures will continue step by step, with the government having the roadmap for the next day on the table. With the opening of tourism on May 15 and the release of supra-local travel, there will be the abolition of SMS and a change in the traffic ban.


It is recalled that from last Monday, May 3, the citizens’ travel hours were extended by one hour and the traffic ban starts at 11 p.m. and ends at 5 a.m.


As the Minister of State, George Gerapetritis, noted yesterday, “we cannot go from absolute restriction to absolute freedom” and that we should not “feel that we have not been released”.


“What we are doing is going step by step,” he said, adding that the night curfew “will be gradually extended.”


According to him, “in the first phase there will be an extension after 11 pm for later”, while he transferred the “total release” for later.


The new schedule, in fact, may be announced even today during the regular briefing at the Ministry of Health. If that happens, the curfew will be postponed to 12 midnight, instead of the current 23:00.


A reminder of what is relevant now 08/05/21.

Travel exemption is only for the following and with the correct documentation, otherwise hefy fines will be imposed:-

Travel outside the prefecture for citizens working in a different prefecture from the one in which they reside.

Travel outside the prefecture for health reasons, upon presentation of the relevant medical certificate

Travel outside the prefecture for a ceremony (eg funeral of a first or second degree relative), which is certified by a written statement of the citizen

Travel outside the prefecture for communication between parents and their children and concerns divorced or separated parents

Transfer outside the prefecture to go to the place of permanent residence, with the certificate of special use residence from the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) or with E1

Travel outside the prefecture for students, which requires proof of main residence and a document from the School to return to it.

In more detail:-

More specifically, according to the relevant Government Gazette, it is prohibited to move, by any means, outside the boundaries of the relevant Regional Unit, or specifically in the case of Attica, outside the boundaries of the Region and in the case of other areas that are included in the level of very high risk, outside the boundaries of the Municipality, except in cases of movement, in any way:

to and from work,

for health reasons,

for the purpose of a one-time transfer to the place of permanent residence,

for going to a ceremony (eg funeral) under the conditions provided by law or going to divorced parents or parents who are in a dimension necessary to ensure communication between parents and children, in accordance with the provisions in force,

For one-time transfer of a student from the place of permanent residence to the regional unit where the Department / School of Health Sciences of the HEI, the School of Officers or the School of Police of the Hellenic Police or the School of Trainees are located the School of Probation of Port Guards of the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard for reasons of studies, according to circumstance (p) of par. the body / examination centre for reasons of conducting examinations, according to circumstance (b) of par. 2 of article 3.


For a transfer with the return of a student, accompanied by another person, from the place of permanent residence to the peripheral unit where the Department / School where the student studies is located and rents the property for the purpose of transporting household goods after from termination of the lease agreement of the student dormitory, within seventy two (72) hours from the beginning of the transfer to the said purpose.

source:- eidiseis.gr

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