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Greek Feta

Greek ‘village salad – Horiatiki salata’

Hides hundreds of different proteins.

For the first time the content, the value and nutritional properties of Greek feta were deciphered at the molecular level and the results will surprise you.

Greek ‘cheese pie – Tiropita’

Researchers at the Academy of Biomedical Research of the Academy of Athens (IIBEAA), Dr. Georgios Tsagaris and Dr. Athanasios Anagnostopoulos, analyzed with high resolution mass spectrometers a plethora of representative samples from all parts of Greece which produce Feta POP / PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). Their goal, to identify all the proteins and peptides they contain.

Greek ‘chili cheese dip-Tirokafteri’

It has been found, feta contains a total of 489 different proteins, making it one of the worlds most protein-rich cheeses. These 489 proteins are the “identity” of Greek feta and belong to various groups of bioactive proteins. Among other things, include proteins related with the regulation of the immune system, with antimicrobial action as well as proteins that control the microbial of the gut.

Greek ‘fried cheese – Saganaki’

In addition, many proteins associated with vitamins were identified, such as D (responsible for the transfer of calcium to bones) and vitamin B12 (responsible for the transportation and intake of iron). In Greek Feta PDO were also detected proteins associated with the functioning of the nervous system, of the kidneys, as well as proteins responsible for the metabolism of cholesterol and the regulation of blood pressure.

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