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Greek quad rules may change again

Last year the Greek Government brought in new rules for Quads (also known as ATV’s), they stated that Quads up to 125cc should be banned from main roads. The ruling came about due a number of highly publicised accidents and deaths across Greece, some of which involved tourists.

New Democracy, the new Government have now said that they will now overturn this decision. In a statement Deputy Transport Minister Yiannis Kefaloyiannis recently said that the 125cc quad bike ban was ‘absurd’.

“We are talking about vehicles that are approved by current EU legislation, have vehicle registrations and pay annual road tax,” Minister Kefaloyiannis said. The Minister went on to say that under the Greek highway code, local authorities would be able to limit where quads could be driven but didn’t go as far to explain the confusing contradiction if local authorities chose to allow them on asphalt roads.

There are concerns however over public safety if these quads are be allowed to be driven on public roads, alongside cars and other road using vehicles.

When the 125cc ban was introduced last year there were complaints from many rental shop owners across Greece including those on Zakynthos. It seems that things may be changing once again and we wait to see what happens in regards to this announcement, as it’s already been a contentious issue on all sides, affecting both tourists and renters.

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  1. Marietta Viliardos

    I feel bad for the shop owners but anyone having been to Zakynthos lately will tell you how dangerous things have gotten. It’s not the quad bikes that are dangerous but the young drivers who take major risks and don’t wear helmets.

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