Thursday , February 25 2021

Green Activists Group -Clean up Laganas forest and the surrounding area

We are lucky on Zakynthos to have so many volunteers who want to help keep our island clean. The Green Activists cleaned up for two days around the area of Laganas and the forest there.

Car bumpers, televisions, several meters of pipes, 75 garbage bags full of garbage and much more were collected during the two days by the volunteers of the “Green Activist Group” who cleaned in “Vrontonero” and in the forest of Laganas.

See what they posted on their social media page:


“There are no words!
Thank you ALL !!!
Zakynthos is a pioneer in environmental actions… and changes direction !!!
A group of…
36 unique, volunteers.
Two simultaneous actions… “Vrontonero” & “Laganas Forest”…
Area of ​​responsibility of Zakynthos Marine Park!
75 bags 100L  so bulky!
10 meters of pipes.
10 bumpers.
10 TVs.
That you can imagine what the sea does not bring! ”

Source HMERA

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Liz Osborn's first experience of the island was as a holiday rep in 1992. She fell in love with everything Zakynthian and has been here since then. Liz became a Greek citizen in 2003 and has been active in tourism and the Greek life over the years. Liz's support of the island saw her joining the Zakynthos Informer team in 2020

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