Saturday , July 11 2020

Update:- Fire in Lagkadakia and now in Romiri

A fire broke out a while ago in the area of Lagkadakia (the old village), Zakynthos.

According to sources eight Fire Department vehicles with 18 firemen have arrived. An aerial effort to put the fire out has also began.

Authorities around the Island joined forces in a quick operation to bring the fire under control. Immediately the fire department dispersed forces including an aerial operation with three Canadair planes, 2 PZL’s and a helicopter helping with the operation.

Ground support has will be increased over the next few hours as more firemen are due from Patra.

A video of the aerial operations can be seen below, courtesy of Alexandros Brous.

More news coming in…

according to sources as the fire in the mountain area of Lagkadakia comes under control, reports of another fire breaking out in Romiri has brought attention to the fire department. Vehicles have been dispersed to the area.

Photos of the operation in Lagkadakia click on link  click here… photos of fire imerazante.

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