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Hays Travel buys Thomas Cook stores

This afternoon Hays Travel, a family run UK Travel company, announced that they have bought all 555 Thomas Cook shops in the UK that closed after Thomas Cook collapsed. Hays Travel aim to re-employ old Thomas Cook staff, saving an estimated 2,500 jobs. They also hope to have the stores up and running as soon as possible. The deal was agreed after a few days of negotiations with the CIvil Aviation Authority.

Hays Travel is a family run firm who are based in the north of the UK and have been operating for around 40 years. Mr Hays, who runs and owns Hays Travel with wife Irene, is quoted as saying, “It is a game-changer for us, almost trebling the number of shops we have and doubling our workforce – and for the industry, which will get to keep some of its most talented people.”

This is great news for the travel industry and we look forward to hearing more news about destinations and holidays that will be operated by Hays Travel once the new shops open.

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