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Heroes to a 42 year old tourist, in Tsilivi

Ambulance rescuers brought back to life a 42-year-old man who had a n almost fatal episode during his vacation at a hotel in Tsilivi.

The incident was reported shortly before 2 pm on Friday. The ambulance within five minutes was at the scene. On arrival at the hotel, the rescuers found that the 42-year-old had no pulse and had suffered a heart attack. Immediately they began emergency first aid and transferred him to the ambulance. During the journey, within six minutes, the rescuers were able to bring him back to life. On reaching the hospital the man had regained consciousness .

The heroes of everyday life

Ambulance rescuers give a constant struggle, daily, under adverse conditions, to save lives. On our island, shifts are difficult to cover. Employees are always on standby for duty for any event when required. Especially in summer, their daily lives are very demanding and the incidents are endless.

Like Friday noon, just as in any serious incident, they did not waste a single minute.

Mr. Dionysis Yiannakopoulos, an ambulance rescuer,  rushed to the incident in Tsilivi. Talking about what he has to deal with on our island every day, all he asks from  Zakynthians and visitors, is to watch the road and show proper driving behaviour when they see an ambulance on their way, keep to the edge so they can pass, as time is always of the essence!

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