Thursday , August 6 2020

Hot Hot and Hotter….. A change is on its way!

Sunday’s forecast will be slightly cloudy and the temperature will rise from 23degrees  Celsius in the mornings up to 30 degrees Celsius during mid-day. However, due to the humidity ranging from 100% in the wee hours to 85% around 09.00a.m it will seem hotter.

Winds will be slight ranging from 2-4 Beaufort. North- northeast in the morning til around 15.00p.m and then will change to south-east.

Mosquito warning for early morning and evening around 21.00p.m, so don’t forget to take your repellent with you wherever you go tomorrow night.

photo by Kostas Papafitsoros.


As for Monday, looks like summer fog is heading our way again early morning. We also have a slight drop in temperature and a possibility of a shower or two around noon.

Winds will be from the South-West to South-East in the morning ranging from 1-2 Beaufort.  Around noon winds will change to North-West and then West around 15.00p.m .

Mosquito warning is the same as Sunday, meaning early morning and evening they will be in force.

Tuesday the weather seems to be getting back on track for summer with temperatures rising to normal temperatures for this time of the year.

Winds again only slight, ranging from 2-3 Beaufort.

Mosquito warning moderate.

Main feature Photo:- Sofia Russell


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