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Is it safe to travel to Greece?

The first case of the virus entering Greece was on the 26th of February. Other cases entering our country were reported during that week coming from the Holy Lands.

Greece stands today at 352 cases with COVID-19. 21 new cases today. 65 are hospitalised while 9 are intubated. There have been 4 deaths accounted for up until now, sadly all were with serious underlying health problems and at ages over 65 years old. Most of the cases today are in Attiki.

The Greek government has decided to shut down commercial stores in addition to schools, cinemas, bars and restaurants, in response to the escalating coronavirus outbreak. These measures are in an effort to slow down the rate of the spread.

Travellers to and from Greece.

Our Government has also announced that people who enter the Greek territory will have to be put in a 14-day “self isolation” quarantine. That also means residents and visitors to our country. There is no restriction on entering any of our ports of entry at this stage. That also means residents and visitors to our country. There are no other restrictions apart from self isolation. Although, some have not been informed whilst entering our country the measures are on ALL media, formal and social. As we have many foreigners living in Greece who also visit their country and are coming and going between their own country and Greece upon arrival in Greece you will have to be put in self isolation once you arrive here in Greece. Leaving Greece will depend on the restrictions/measures your country has. Some countries like Italy and Spain are in complete lock down so you will not be able to leave Greece without the proper documentation due to their restrictions. If this is the case check your home country’s restrictions before you leave Greece.

**** “self Isolation” meaning one would have to stay at home for a period of 14 days and not venture out to do everyday chores. STAY HOME!

For those who can not get anyone to help with receiving their everyday needs please contact Zakynthos Informer, the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos are willing to help in these matters as it is very important to stop the spread of the virus.

Hotel Accommodation.

The Government has also put a temporary ban on all seasonal accommodation. Accommodation in regards to tourist units in Greece will remain temporarily closed from March 15 until April 30 the Government decided late Saturday in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. This means any hotels/apartments that open only for the tourist season will not be open during this time. According to a ministerial decision, the seasonal hotels and resorts that have already opened in Greece must temporarily close their doors by March 23rd up until April 30th. Most on our Island open in May but those who have booked to come earlier your hotel may be changed to a year round hotel. Please check with your tour operator. Those who come on flight only and have booked a house or an apartment then you will not have a problem. However, we must remind you of the 14 day “self Isolation” period.

Hotels that are open all year round are open with strict measures on service. All food and beverage must be on a delivery basis only from their restaurants and bars or from other take away sources. The idea is to keep a minimal human contact so as not to spread the virus.

According to a ministerial decision, the seasonal hotels and resorts that have already opened in Greece must temporarily close their doors by March 23rd up until April 30th.


As for Zakynthians, we are proud that our Government has taken these measures and as Greeks we are working all together. We have been watching what has been happening worldwide and based on information about implacing strict measures immediately we feel our Government has acted very quickly. It will be a difficult two weeks ahead but these measures are to ensure that we all get back to our normal routines once again.

If you have any queries about travelling to our country please refer to the help line. The link is below.


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