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Katastari F.C. – 25th game

The 25th game, of 26, was one of Katastaris’ best games. From the 20th minute to the end of the game, the players of Dimitris Nolis played in Pellanas’ half of the field. They equalized the goal scored by Mouliatos at 20′, with the penalty shot by Kardaris at 74′. They also had two great moments to achieve goals, but they were up against a strong and tough team, who defended very well through all of the 95 minutes in a beautiful, but otherwise indifferent points wise, game.

Katastari couldn’t get the three points, for a win, against the team of Pellana. From the 20′ and on, they had total supremacy of the match, but they were unable to break the line of the Lakonians, so with the 1-1 they shared one point each.

The truth is that the guests’ had done their homework, completely, and had come to the island of Solomos and Kalvos, certainly not for a two-day trip. They proved this on the pitch by basically making life difficult for the players of Katastari, from the beginning of the match until the 20′. The hosts didn’t enter the game well opposed to Pellana who were more kinetic on the pitch. On a heavy pitch, since the drizzle that fell made things a little difficult.

The first good moment for the Lakonians was at 4′, when a shot of Anastasakos forced Drakopoulos to ward off, with difficultly, the ball. From 15′ onwards, Katastari balanced the game with Petta threatening with a nice shot, but Kravaritis repelled the ball. At 20′, the Lakonians managed to get ahead in the score when Mouliatos took possession of the ball in the small area, there he avoided Kourella and with a left shot sent the ball into the right corner of Drakopoulos making 0-1.

From 22′ Katastari gained full control of the game in midfield, Petta to be the main expressionist playmaker for the hosts, who however with the final pass had several issues. The players of Pellana were content with counter-attacks, as at 34′ when they found themselves very close to a goal when Mouliatos shot, with Drakopoulos keeping his team upright. With this 0-1 the teams went to the locker room.

In the second-half, Katastari dominated fully on the pitch, pressing the guests in half of the pitch who kept their lines close as well as the Katastari aggressors. At 52′, a great opportunity for the Zakynthian team was missed when Petta entered the area,  he “cuts” the ball at the penalty spot Musai leftit good for Kardaris who doesn’t shoot as he should, with the ball hitting on a body of defence.

The “oranges” continued to press but despite the pressure Pellana withstood and held on to this 0-1. At 69′ a shot by Kardaris Kravaritis neutralized in to a  corner. The islanders managed to win a penalty shot at 73′,when Mezinis took the header which Kapsaskis nicely took advantage of, he entered the area where he was pushed by Aspioti. The referee of the match, Mr. Fokas, showed the white dot. Kardaris was on target from 11 steps making it 1-1.

At this specific phase Aspiotis was sent-off with a direct red card. At 78′, Katastari came close to the overthrow when Kardaris executed a corner, Karvounis took the header but the ball went slightly out. By the end of the game and despite the pressing pressure of the Katastari players, nothing changed and the match ended with a 1-1 draw. A result that does not satisfy the hosts, as they were aiming to win and pass the barrier of 40 points in the championship.

KATASTARI (Nolis D.): Drakopoulos, Panagopoulos, Kourellas, Sotiropoulos, Karvounis, Mousai (87′ Brilakis), Kapsaskis M., Pettas P., Mezini, Kardaris K., Tiliopoulos (83′ Metaksas).

PELLANAS (Mantzounis Al.): Kravaritis, Panagiotidis, Emeka, Aspiotis, Lambropoulos, Kontogiannis, Anastasakos (92′ Sigalos), Rassias, Kotsovos (64′ Konstantinidis, (76′ Barone), Mouliatos (90′ Mirakas), Yioboe.




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