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Katastari F.C. game for 9th March

The Katastari team has travelled to Tripoli to face Panarkadiko to play the 20th game, which was postponed due to bad weather. The Zakynthian team are aiming for a positive result, whilst their hosts are also hoping for points, so as to end the issue of remaining in the category,

The Zakynthian team with 33 points in the rankings is very close to remaining in the category, as it has a relatively good schedule with 3 home games, against Ikosimia, Pellana and Ermionida and 2 away games, against Asteras Vlachiotis and Panargeiakos.

The “three-leaves” has, clearly, a more difficult programme since apart from Pamissos all games are “hot”, as with Amvryssea, Ypato, Aspropyrgos and Kalamata. This means that the 28 points which the Arkadian team so far have, are not enough for the club to stay in the category. For this reason, this game against Katastari, is a game with no tomorrow for the Arkades, who want at all cost to win to have any hope of remaining.

On the other hand, the islanders will fight just as in other games, that is, with faith and dedication to victory. The team of Zakynthos has proven, with this years big rivals, that they do not know about seats and pressure. They proved it against Aspropyrgos and did the same against Kalamata. This is a solid team that sees all the matches from the same perspective. Anyway, Katastari has not “locked” their stay in the category, so wants to get a positive result from this game, to make things even easier for the continuation.

Another reason is that they want to keep a safe distance from the zone, that is from the Amvrysea team, which has one game less, which they will play aganst Ypato o the same day, Saturday 09/03, at 15.00. The preparation of the Zakynthian team was completed on Thursday evening at the municipal stadium with the teams technician having all the players at his disposal. From the match will be absent Spiros Sotiropoulos, serving a sentence of two games because of seven cards. Unlike Pettas, who was sent-off in the match against Union Lerna and served his sentence in the cup game against Ethniko Skoulikados, so he will play as normal in Tripoli.

The game will take place on Saturday at 13.30. Referee of the match will be Vasilis Stamos with his assistants Vaxavaneli and Lyri all from the Athens Association. The mission of the Zakynthian team departed Friday afternoon from the port of Zakynthos.

The game will be televised by IONIAN in cooperation with –

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