Monday , April 12 2021

Meeting between Dionysios Aktipis and Haris Theoharis about tourism

Another meeting with the Minister of Tourism H. Theoharis was held by the Member of Parliament for Zakynthos yesterday. In the context of his overall effort to upgrade the tourist product and the best possible promotion of the island as one of the top tourist destinations in the country.

The main topic during yesterday’s discussion was the new legislative initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, through which its previous proposal for the formation of a holistic plan for the upgrading of tourism in Zakynthos is being implemented.

Thus, with the new bill of the Ministry of Tourism we will have the creation of Destination Management Organizations (DMOs). These are Organizations that will be established on the initiative of the Municipalities, and their purpose will be the overall upgrade of the infrastructure of our island. The further strengthening of the brand name of Zakynthos as a tourist destination, and of course the quality upgrade and enrichment of the tourist product so to maintain its competitiveness in the future ”.

At the same time, he discussed with the Minister the next stage of strengthening tourism in Zakynthos. Which is nothing more than the inclusion of Zakynthos in the top five tourist destinations in the country. It is noted that if this goal succeeds, important infrastructure projects will be included in the Recovery Fund. A fact that will enable their implementation in an extremely short period of time.

Of course, a major issue during the meeting was the issue of the creation of the Management Body of the Zakynthos Shipwreck.

“I conveyed to the Minister all the concerns of the local community around this issue. On his part, the Minister assured me that the Agency is created to ensure the integrity of visitors and in no case will create any problems at all to the owners of the surrounding properties. In fact, the Agency will have a non-profit character, while any income will be explicitly provided to support and develop local communities near the “Shipwreck”.

There was also an extensive discussion about the prospects of utilization and promotion of historical ecclesiastical monuments located a short distance from the viewing platform of the Bay of Shipwreck.
At the same time, I raised with Mr. Theocharis the concerns that the ongoing lockdowns bring to the businessmen and employees of our island, while we also discussed the prospects for the opening of this tourist season, as the pandemic continues to complicate travel activity and the operation of businesses “,
 said Mr. Aktypis.

Source HMERA

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