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MEETINGS WITH MAYOR AND DEPUTY REGIONAL GOVERNOR | The Commander of the Ministry of Defense requests immediate interventions. after the floods

MEETINGS WITH MAYOR AND DEPUTY REGIONAL GOVERNOR | The Commander of the Ministry of Defense requests immediate interventions. after the floods

  • Aretakis: “Most storm drains are cleaned. However, there may also be some uncleaned. I could not check all the storm drains to see what was happening, because some works are being done on the sidewalks and storm drains are being closed.


  • Stasinopoulos: “We have identified the problems”


Although the problems caused by the heavy rain Wednesday were solved quickly, nevertheless it was found that it is necessary to make interventions by the Municipality and the Region. For this reason, the commander of the Fire Service of Zakynthos Christos Kalogeropoulos met yesterday with Mayor Nikitas Aretakis and the Deputy Regional Governor George Stasinopoulos. During the checks that were carried out, several issues were identified, which Mr. Kalogeropoulos raised to the local authorities and stressed that substantial solutions must be given immediately.


To the Prosecutor

Chr. Kalogeropoulos: “There is a danger that people will drown in Kaminia”

Mr. Kalogeropoulos made a special reference to the problems that exist in the area of ​​Kaminia and noted that what was recorded in the Prosecutor’s Office of Zakynthos will be notified, while he asked immediately for the storm drains to be cleaned in Kaminia. “We found during our checks  in Kaminia that there are drains which are covered with metal lids. I informed the Mayor and I am waiting . I will record the problems and notify these to the Zakynthos Prosecutor’s Office. The drains  must be cleaned. There is a danger in Kaminia, people will drown “.

Aretakis: “Serious flood protection works must be done”

The Mayor on his part stressed that the island received a large amount of water on Wednesday and this resulted in the drainage not being able to withstand the pressure. “I saw exactly what was happening. In Zakynthos we have mourned victims of floods and the issue is very serious. Most drains  are clean. They may also be some not cleaned. I could not check all the drains to see what was happening, because some works are being done on the sidewalks and  drains are being closed. And if everything had been cleared and there were so many more, it is impossible that this flood that took place on Wednesday could have been predicted. The drains are made to withstand the rain of the city. It is not possible for them to withstand the water that arrives from Gaitani or the Castle which should end up in the river of Agios Haralambis through ditches “.


Mr. Aretakis added that studies for flood protection projects will be carried out immediately. “After the checks  I did, I found that serious anti-flood works should be done in the city. We have to study the regional flood defences, so that the water that comes down from the Castle and the various tributaries, such as e.g. in front of the Municipality building in Vanato, to be drained through the storm drains and ditches. We will definitely do this because I have identified what the problem of the city is. “If these peripheral waters do not flow to the river, there is no case for any drain and no sewerage system to be able to respond and the city to be safe”.


Finally, for the meeting he had with the Commander of the Fire Brigade, he said: “From tomorrow, the technical services of the Municipality and I personally will oversee the necessary studies so that this phenomenon disappears forever. Our lives must not be endangered by such a storm. The Commander told me that a drain in the area of ​​Sellinas was blocked, which if unblocked would solve the problem. I explained to the Governor that those who did not clean some drains will suffer the consequences, whether they are employees of DEYAZ or the Municipality. The problem is the Regional Sewerage Network and it must be right for the city to be able to respond to the water. We will do studies and checks and this problem will be solved soon “.


Stasinopoulos: “We have identified the problems”

After the meeting with the commander of the Fire Brigade, Deputy Regional Governor G. Stasinopoulos noted that they know that there are problems and added that the crews were already working to repair the damage. “We have identified the problems that have been created and already the technical services in collaboration with DEYAZ crews have intervened and we have already repaired the existing damages. We saw that the water flow was fast. “Yes, we saw the flood, but we also found that the phenomenon of runoff was very fast and that gives us the strength to continue so that we can eliminate these minimal floods.” For the problem created in the new project of the Regional Area. At a point of the road network in Gaitani, Mr. Stasinopoulos said: “The road” erupted “because a  DEYAZ drain in the area was blocked  and the water congested. “Crews of the Region and DEYAZ are already working together to rectify the problem.”

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