Thursday , June 17 2021

Member of Parliament, Mr Dionysios Aktypis sends complaint to Aldi.

In regards to the advertisement in Aldi’s travel brochure, has been in contact with our Member of Parliament, Mr Dionysios Aktypis. Our administration team were the first to advise him of what the company had printed and the huge mistake they have made. After our report going live, it seemed not only the locals became upset with the company’s professionalism but most of our international based members also complained at the audacity, giving reference to the mistake and urging that something must be done immediately.  Our administration team in a discussion with our local MP  stressed the fact that the company has caused concern and that many are urging our authorities take charge.

Zakynthosinformer’s report.

At the same time, immediately tried to get in contact with the company via their Twitter account.


In addition we sent an e-mail to Aldi in Germany asking them to correct their mistake. As of yet we are still waiting for a reply. Furthermore, as we have not recieved any response from the company we have also sent a message via their Facebook account.

Read original report here. Is our “shipwreck” in Turkey?

As reports of the mistake have now made our local and national papers, Zakynthos’ MP made an announcement that he has sent a letter of complaint to the company:-

Dear Aldi Team,

My name is Dionysios Aktypis and I am a Member of the Greek Parliament, elected in the constituency of Zakynthos. It recently came to my attention that in effort to promote and advertise a holiday deal to Turkey, “Turkei Blaue Reise” (Turkey blue travel), your team of “experts” mistakenly used a picture of our famous “Navagio” beach located on the island of Zakynthos, Greece.

I take it for granted that you will proceed to immediate actions in order to correct this rather regrettable mistake. Furthermore, there has to be issued an official statement on your behalf, clarifying that the “Navagio” beach is actually located on the Greek island of Zakynthos and not in Turkey. I believe that I have made myself quite clear. I reserve the right to take further legal steps.

With regards,

Dionysios Aktypis
Member of the Greek Parliament




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Louise is Australian born and has been a Greek citizen since 1991. She has deep cultural ties with the island, often writing about Zakynthian Traditions and Culture. She is also an active member of the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos, Giostra Di Zante and is a member of the women's choir "Rodambelos". Her love of the island and all it offers saw her joining the Zakynthos (Zante) Informer admin team in 2014.

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