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Minister of Environment and Energy Meets with MP of Zakynthos in regards to important issues.

Kostis Hatzidakis, on the waste of Zakynthos: “A consultation process is underway to finally close before the start of the tourist season.

In a statement issued by our local Member of Parliament, Mr Dionysios Aktypis important talks in regards to issues concerning our Island made progress.



I had the honour of meeting with the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Hatzidakis, yesterday, Tuesday, 18th February. During this meeting, which took place in a highly constructive atmosphere, a number of important issues, which fall within the competence of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, were discussed extensively.

The discussion focused on issues related to the Ministry’s upcoming bill, which is expected to introduce a new regime for the management of the country’s Protected Areas. In the context of the discussion I was briefed on the significant benefits of the new single central protected area supervisory body. Mr. Hadjidakis emphasized that the Ministry’s concern is to ensure better organization, more efficient administration, and more proper functioning of Protected Areas Management Bodies.

An equally important issue raised at yesterday’s meeting was nothing more than the need to find a definitive solution to waste management in Zakynthos. The Minister pointed out that this issue has been of particular concern and concern to the Ministry, while stressing that a consultation process is under way to finally resolve the issue before the start of the tourist season.

Regarding the recruitment of DEDDIE Zakynthos, which was also discussed, Mr. Hadjidakis assured me that the Ministry is already working to bring about meaningful and tangible solutions to this issue. In fact, we have agreed with the Chief Minister that the suffering of the citizens, who often suffer the consequences of the inadequate staffing of HEDC’s Zakynthos technical staff, should be immediately addressed.

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