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Missing, John Tossell search takes a new direction.

Search for John Tossell has now taken another direction.

The thriller of the disappearance of Mr John Tossell, a 73 year old Welshman started on Monday, 17th of June,  with what seemed to be a casual walk up to the Monastery and church of Skopiotissa, located on Mt. Skopo.  The children Gary, Katy and step son of Mr. Tossell, have been on the Island in the hope as to shed some light on their father’s disappearance.

Our authorities had searched the area carefully with search and rescue teams, police, fire department and volunteers, even a police helicopter was used,  however,  all efforts without a successful outcome in locating him.  As time went on the authorities had slowly cut back on the search and had relied on volunteer emergency services to continue the search. It was then that Step son, Leigh with connections to the Welsh volunteer search and rescue team stepped in to try and shed more light on the situation. The representative of the Western Beacons Mountain Rescue Group, Mr. Gareth Hopkins, was invited, along with the British Vice consul, Mr. Matt Delapp, on his weekly discussions,  to speak on the radio programme of Bobby Gee, Island FM, Zakynthos. Both were to talk about the updates and where they are up to on the search.  At the moment there are 13 rescue team members from the service here on our island.

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Gareth, representing the team and the family explained how the they are on co-coordinating the search and that the 13 members are sufficient enough to cover what needs to be done. He has stresses and asked that if anyone can remember something even the slightest detail or has any CCTV recordings, or even sightings, to call the authorities.  What they are particularly interested in, are the possible movements of Mr. Tossell before he went missing and that would be between the Windmill Bay Aparthotel, Argasi and the track, as you would head east towards Mt. Skopos. Due to having confirmation that he was in the vicinity,  the team are calling for people to come forward if they remember seeing someone that fits his description.

last seen wearing these clothes.


As far as having help on the ground, the team have enough resources to cover what is needed and mentioned that the search has taken a slightly different direction within the last five days.

The team believes they have exhausted the possible routes up and down the mountain and are now looking at other possibilities, focusing on a certain area due to recent CCTV sightings,  where it shows Mr Tossell at Windmill bay going into the sea for a swim and then heads eastwards after his swim.

Windmill Bay Aparthotel, Argasi, Zakynthos

It is their belief that Mr Tossell wouldn’t have gone completely up the mountain considering he spent some time swimming.  Whilst considering all the information they have received, they feel as though that it would be unlikely that he would have gone up all the way up onto the mountain.

A change in direction.

Recently there has been a call from a local friend who has been with the family since day one, asking if anyone could help. His message on his FB page goes especailly to all the rental cars on the Island and reads as follows.

Good Evening, I am helping the family of the unfortunate person, John Tossell, who has been missing since 17th June, in the area of Argasi, Zakynthos, in particular Mt. Skopos. The children believe that he was hit by a car and have asked me to ask whether anyone has returned a damaged car or dented in the front area. Please look at the dates from the 17th of June and afterwards.



Having read this, it does certainly take the mystery of Mr. John Tossell’s disappearance in a new direction. Once again we would stress that anyone who has information to get in contact with the authorities.  The family need some sort of closure and can not do this without help.


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  1. Please if anyone knows the were about of John tossell who is my brother please get in touch with the authorities and western brecon mountain rescue also thanks to all who are helping in the search thanks to the people of aggassi and support his children Katy Gary who are desperate to find there father

    • Jean, thank you for your comment, we sympathise with your plight and in the struggle to locate your brother. Please know our team is willing to help wherever possible. Kind Regards.

  2. Plea my brother John tossell has been missing 8 wks in agassi zante if anyone has information on his were abouts please contact Greek athorities thank you

  3. I dowse.for Missing people having had success in certain instances ,Today 18th September I am searching ,on google Earth for John Tossell ,,I got a signal on an area with a ‘dropped pin ‘either at or close to this spot – 37 44’49”N 20 “55’53”E To try to describe what is shown here ,the white line on google earth has left behind the church sign of St Nikolaus Megalomatis continuing into a finger pointing shape ,Follow that around and down and to the left where the dropped pin appears ,There are many indistinct white blobs to the right of this, I hope t,his can be understood and it will result in finding John. M, ps I wil try to pass this info to the Western Beacons group ,

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