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Missing person John Tossell case now in the hands of the police.

After about two and a half weeks of constant searching by our authorities and volunteers from search and rescue teams, the case of John Tossell, has now been handed over to the Hellenic Police Department for further investigations. Although the police department played a major role in locating John, it was mainly the fire department and the search and rescue teams that were on the mountain that had concentrated on information given, within the area of Mt. Skopos. Now that the search has stood down on the mountain area, it is up to the Hellenic Police Department in conjunction with other necessary authorities to move the case forward in finding him.

The last hope of finding John, was when the Welsh Volunteers from the Western Beacons Mountain Rescue team came out to our Island, on June 28th to help with the difficult task of finding him.

Unfortunately, after a week of intensive searching and investigations the team, reluctantly, has had to stand down and now have returned to their homeland. The team has gathered specific information regarding the case and has now handed it over to the Police waiting further investigation.

After speaking with Katy, John’s daughter, the family believe their father is not on the mountain, as all possibilities of finding him have been exhausted thus leading to that belief.  They did however ask that if any car rental places had any of their cars return damaged recently, to come forward as there was a strong possibility of their father being involved in a hit and run. There could be many scenarios as to where or what happened to John Tossell, the case has now been handed over to the Hellenic Police Department for further investigations.  What we do know is that John, went for a walk, decided to go for a swim in the area and then headed up towards Mt. Skopos, and then seems to have vanished into thin air as his tracks are unknown. There were initial talks of John buying water at the canteen in the area but this now cannot be a reliable source as having looked at CCTV footage, there were numerous men, at least 15 wearing a blue shirt and shorts at times on that day in the area, thus it would be easy for someone to be confused as to whether it was actually John.

Plea from the family:-

For now the search and investigations have not stopped, the family are back in their homeland contemplating on their next moves. It is a very difficult situation and one that time is of essence, if you can help in any way, if you have a CCTV camera at home, business or rental home please check your footage from the date of 17th June and onwards. If there is a man that looks similar to the one in the picture below, could you please contact the Police, it is imperative!

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  1. Please if anyone knows the were abouts of missing man John tossell who is my brother please get in touch with the local authorities please help as family concerned for his safety

  2. My brother John tossell is still missing in aggassi greece for nearly 4 wks please someone must have seen him please if you have please get in touch with the authorities as family going out of our minds with worry someone must now something please help us thank you

  3. I was wondering if the deep revene by the fresh orange van had been searched it’s where the goat shepherd is in katastari I know it’s 18km from argassi but I can remember saying to my husband last summer about if you fell down there would you ever be found it’s up the windy road in the mountains I keep seeing this place in my mind just a thought

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