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MP Dionysios Aktypis discusses important issues with Minister, Kostas Karamanlis

In an announcement by our local MP, Mr Dionysios Aktypis today shows that Zakynthos is on the agenda for improvements. Below is the press release.

Important issues concerning Zakynthos, which are co-sponsored by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Kostas Karamanlis were discussed with our MP, Dionysios Aktypis.

As for our Harbour, the joint Master Plan was reinstated as a more rational plan. It is ready to be implemented. Whilst more cost-effective for the island and citizens. It also is more cost-effective in construction. The promotion of the old study is now forthcoming in the Port Planning and Development Committee for approval. Subsequently the specification by the Ministry of Shipping to finally commence construction will take place by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Regarding the restoration of school buildings damaged from last year’s earthquake, the political leadership of the relevant ministries (Home, Infrastructure and Development) can be financed, but a full technical study request is required which unfortunately is still pending.

There is currently a difficulty in dispatching pre-school classrooms for the need of school units, as even the surpluses intended for emergency use have been exhausted, and a tender is pending. However, the Minister pledged to meet the request as soon as possible.

Finally, on the major development issue for the island regarding the installation and operation of pipelines, the Minister, after initially highlighting the very important prospect for the Ionian Islands, informed that the Ministry’s services are already working on reforming and updating the institutional framework so that this should be attractive to prospective investors.


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