Monday , August 2 2021

Permits for operating in the shipwreck area postponed

Another postponement was given to the debate regarding permits to individuals operating in the Shipwreck area, known as Navagio and the decision to postpone the issue was unanimous last Wednesday at the meeting of the City Council.

The debate has taken its time as the Municipality’s competent department has suggested to the Municipal Council to subtract the permits. The issue had been debated for the first time in the City Council last October, when the Municipal Development Division had been asked to remove the permits due to a ban on carrying out activity in a reforestation area, in which the area of the shipwreck has been characterized.

During the summer period of 2018, successive lawsuits were filed by the Forestry Division and the Law in these cases provides for the revocation of the permits.

The discussion then did not lead to a specific decision pending the opinion of the legal service of the Municipality, which has now been secured. However, during last Wednesday’s meeting, private individuals present also wanted legal counselling and to be present at the debate, which also added to the postponement .

The above is one of the many outstanding issues concerning the platform of the Navajo and it is imperative that it be solved before the start of the new tourist season.

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