Tuesday , January 19 2021

Police Press Release….Temporary Traffic Regulation changes for Alexander Roma Street

A press release from the Hellenic Police Authority brings changes for Alexander Roma Street. As of today all vehicles are prohibited to park within the street. Fines will be issue to those who do not adhere to the temporary rules.


SUBJECT: “Temporary traffic regulations concerning the regular maintenance of pavements – (repair of worn tiles) in Alexander Roma street  Zakynthos – Road Traffic Emergency Measures. Traffic signalling – regulation ‘.

In Zakynthos, today, February 07, 2020, Friday, the Director of the Zakynthos Police Department, THEODOROS TSATSARIS, Police Director,

Taking into consideration:

  1. Article 52 § 2 of Law 2696/1999 “On the Ratification of the Road Traffic Code”.
  2. The provisions of Presidential Decree 2008/2001 (L-164) `Restructuring, establishment, organization and operation Hellenic Traffic Police Services.
  3. Letter 2746 of 06-02-2020 document of the Municipality of Zakynthos
  4. The need for temporary restrictive measures in order to ensure a smooth and safe operation of pedestrian traffic in the historic centre of Zakynthos town due to public works, rehabilitation and maintenance in which will be implemented on the above road by the Municipality of Zakynthos on 07.07.2020, in accordance with the above document.
  5. Proposal No. 2501/1 / 125a from 06-02-2020 on the same issue of the Traffic Department Zakynthos.
  6. With a view to ensuring the proper and safe observance of Road Traffic Regulations, prevention of traffic accidents, service and safety of the public and especially pedestrians of visitors.


Article 1

The prohibition on the circulation, stopping and parking of any vehicle on Alexander Roma Street, from 07.00 – till the end of the same day.

Article 2

On the above road, we allow the movement of supply vehicles for shops on a daily basis and only between 07:00 and 10:00.

Article 3

This notice is published in the local press and the contractors are required to place relevant warning signs by contractors and relevant Zakynthos maintenance staff on the required road, in order to avoid accidents.

Article 4

Violators of this Law will be prosecuted and punished by the provisions of Law 2696/1999 [A-57] as amended by Law 3542/07 and Law 3904/2010 “The Road Traffic Code. “.

Article 5




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