Sunday , September 27 2020

Press Release… Upgrades to some of our Public Buildings to save energy.

The Regional Offices have just released a press statement in regards to upgrading buildings to save energy. These buildings not only include Zakynthos but also others around the Ionian Region.


Ionian Islands Region supports energy upgrading of buildings to save energy and improve quality of life


Six public buildings with energy upgrading projects have been integrated into the Ionian Islands Operational Program 2014-2020 by decision of the Ionian Regional Governor Rhodes Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou, with a total budget of 5,564,307 euros.



These projects are:

  1. Energy upgrading of Corfu Municipality school buildings (budget € 2.325.000) benefiting the Municipality of Central Corfu.

More specifically, it concerns the school units:

1st and 2nd General High Schools

3rd High School

-7th Elementary School

-6th Elementary School


  1. Energy saving actions in Ionian University buildings (budget 1,343,872.95) with a beneficiary of the Ionian University. More specifically, it concerns the building of the Department of Music Studies in the Old Fortress, as well as the Student House building.


  1. Energy upgrade of ERT Radio Station buildings in Corfu and Zakynthos (budget 250,000 euros) with ERT beneficiary


  1. Energy Upgrading of the Corfu Chamber of Commerce building (budget 439.008 euros) with benefit to the Ionian Islands Region


  1. Energy Upgrading of 3rd Elementary School and Kindergarten Zakynthos (budget 401,876.15 euros) with the beneficiary of Zakynthos Municipality


  1. Utilization of Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Saving at Zakynthos General Hospital (budget EUR 853,904.92) with beneficiary Zakynthos General Hospital.


The interventions will aim to save energy and reduce energy consumption by replacing frames, heat insulation, use of modern photovoltaic air conditioners, heat pumps, replacement of lighting fixtures with Led lamps, installation of automation systems, etc. , depending on the specifics and requirements of each building, so that the building can be upgraded to Category B.


These projects form part of Priority Axis 2 – “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development” of the Ionian Islands Operational Program 2014-2020 and are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ΕΤΠΑ).

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