Wednesday , August 4 2021

Press Statement – Zakynthos (Zante) – Covid19

Today the Zakynthos Informer have received numerous Press requests from international media. Requests relate to the latest issues of Zakynthos flights having to quarantine, and the latest TUI announcement.

We are unable to answer all of these requests individually so have prepared a Press Statement.


Statement – Zakynthos (Zante) – Covid19

The situation with Covid has been very frustrating for everyone this summer. Greece has worked in tandem with the UK authorities to allow tourists to visit Greece, including our island of Zakynthos (Zante).

Island residents, businesses and tourists are aware of the quarantine that is being put in place for both Scotland and Cardiff and do understand the restrictions imposed. The island of Zakynthos also has its own restrictions for both visitors and residents which include social distancing, mandatory mask wearing and testing and tracing for visitors upon arrival. Wearing of masks is mandatory. They must be worn both indoors and outdoors, throughout the island. It is a €150 fine, per person, for failure to wear a mask. Current restrictions will remain in place until 15 September 2020, subject to further Greek government review as necessary.

In regards to the ceasing of TUI flights to Laganas. There has been much talk of Zakynthos the “Party island”. We would like to set the record straight on this. Zakynthos is not a party island. Whilst there are a handful of clubs in the resort of Laganas, a few clubs on one road does not make an island that’s 25 miles long and 12 miles wide a “party island.” Zakynthos caters for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, many of whom are couples and families, and do not fit the 18-30 bracket.

If TUI do cease flights to the island this will not just affect Laganas, but eight other resorts on the island. Whilst we understand the important need to prevent virus spread across the world, this will be a big blow to local businesses in what has already been a shortened summer season. Many tourists will also be affected. Clarification is greatly needed.

Whilst there has been news reports of tourists returning to the UK from Zakynthos testing positive with Covid 19, there is no confirmation that the virus was contracted on Zakynthos itself. There are many variables with this virus, but we can assure everyone that Zakynthos is following all the measures set out by authorities to protect the health of everyone; tourists and residents. Zakynthos has only recorded 25 Covid cases in total, since March 2020 are as follows:

15 Greek 

2 polish 

4 Czech

3 Hungarian 

1 Swedish

Those who tested positive on Zakynthos adhered to strict social distancing rules for two weeks. As you can see the numbers don’t include any UK tourists. The UK tourism figures for Zakynthos have actually been significantly lower this year. There were no UK tourists on Zakynthos in April, May or June this year.

In July the island recorded only 9857 UK tourists to Zakynthos, compared to July 2019 when 80966 UK tourists visited.

If further information is required in regards to how the island is dealing with Covid, the measures it takes and requirements for incoming visitors and tourists, we would suggest that contact is made with Zakynthos Island authorities


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