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Recording Lion fish in Zakynthos Marine Park

The National Marine Park of Zakynthos wants to record the Lionfish population of Zakynthos in order to implement necessary measures to control the species population. This is where both residents and visitors to the island can help; especially divers. The information needs to be as accurate as possible, so the National Marine Park of Zakynthos have created a Lionfish Observation Form that can be completed and returned to staff at Marine Park to be collated with other information received. The form is very easy to complete and there are guidance notes below. Once completed the form can be emailed back to the Marine Park on

To download the form click below:

Lionfish Observation Form NMPZ 2019

National Marine Park Zakynthos guidelines for completing the Lionfish Observation Form (Pterois Miles)

In particular you need to fill in the following information on the Observation Form:

  1. The Observer’s name
  2. The date and the specific hour that the observation has been made (you need to make a separate recording for different dates of observation)
  3. The area which the lionfish has been observed, included the gps coordinates if this possible (you need to make a separate recording for different sites of observation)
  4. The status of the observed lionfish (alive or dead)
  5. The depth that the lionfish was/were observed (in case you observe more than one lionfish at the same site, please record/note the average depth) The total number of lionfish observed at the same site (within a 20m range)
  6. The length of each lionfish (in case there are more than one at the same site, please record the average length)
  7. The method of observation (Scuba diving, Free diving, spearfishing, etc)
  8. Any other comment that should be noted
  9. For each lionfish a separate record must be noted. For instance, if you have seen 3 lionfish, you must make 3 separate records in the Form with their information (depth, length, gps coordinates, etc.)
  10. You need to make a separate recording for different sites of lionfish occurrence. For instance if you have spotted lionfish in 3 different sites, you have to make 3 separate recordings with their information (depth, length, gps coordinates etc.). In any case, and regardless of the site of observation, every different date you observe a lionfish requires a separate recording.
  11. Furthermore, please indicate each lionfish on the map at the end of the Observation Form, according to the order of observation in different sites and dates (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc). For instance, if you spotted 2 lionfish, in two different sites, the map should look like this:
  12. Finally, if there are photos of the lionfish, please send them at the email address of the Management Agency of the NMPZ ( The photos must be coded according to the number they have been indicated on the map, in order to assign each photo to the site of observation.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation on behalf of the Management Agency of NMPZ.


– Zakynthos Informer thanks the Marine Park of Zakynthos and Steve Cutts for this information.

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