Sunday , September 20 2020

Respects are paid to Lilley Karrer

Many are aware of the heroic story of how the islands Jewish population were saved during WW2. One of the heroes of that story, Mayor Karrer, went on to survive the war and continued to live out his life with his wife Lilley and their children.

Today it has been announced that Lilley Karrer sadly passed away on 24th July 2019, at the amazing age of 100yrs old.

Lilley was described by those who knew her as “a courageous woman, full of energy and live, with kindness and compassion because of her husband’s heroic actions”.

Lilley must have been incredibly brave as not only did she survive the war, but she was married to a man who saved hundreds of people putting himself and his family in great danger by doing so. Because the heroic actions of Lilley and her husband the Jewish residents of Zakynthos survived and went on to live long and happy lives.

Lilley is survived by a daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and we give our condolences to them for the loss of a wonderful woman, whose memory will remain alongside her heroic husband’s, in Zakynthos history, for generations to come. She will forever be a beacon of courage that brings compassion to the hearts of all Zakynthians.

Photo courtesy of the Karrer family.

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