Tuesday , August 3 2021

Sarigiannis – Catering opening in April – Possibly end of May the rest of the economy

Professor of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering, Demosthenes Sarigiannis spoke about the new lockdown regime that Attica has entered. Also when the steps towards stability will be taken.

“The lockdown is necessary. I would like the teleworking rate to rise to 70% and to keep it in the long run. Not just for lockdown. We need controls and corporate responsibility ” said Demosthenes Sarigiannis in the Star bulletin.

He was also asked whether the lockdown time until the end of the month is sufficient, Mr. Sarigiannis replied:
“It is sufficient time if we apply the measures to achieve decompression of the dispersion in our hospitals in Attica. “Then we should continue to manage the pandemic, but then we will be in better shape. If we want some kind of happy Easter.”

Possible opening in May
As Mr. Sarigiannis said, with the current lockdown one can manage the situation, even without a kind of “accordion” later. In fact, if all goes well, to include an opening of the restaurant from April onwards.

Asked when he “sees” a normal opening of the market and society, without an “accordion”, he replied: “From the end of May and onwards, this is possible.”

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