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Season Benefits OAED applications due no later than 2 December, 2019.

Online applications have begun in order that beneficiaries be paid their Seasonal Benefits by OAED for 2019. Those interested in the Seasonal Benefit 2019 should be informed that applications can be made up until December 2nd, 2019. Payments will be completed shortly before Christmas. It also takes a period of 10 – 15 days for applications to be clarified and certified so payments can continue thereafter. At the same time, the interested parties should immediately submit the supporting documents in order not to delay the clearing and credit of the amount in the beneficiary’s account. The deadline for submission of applications is: a) On Monday, December 2, 2019, at 15.00pm for those applying through KPA 2 and KEP  b) the same-day in the evening (at 11.59 pm) for those applying online ( As regards the receipt of supporting documents, the process will be completed on the next working day, that is, Tuesday 3rd December 2019.


Who can benefit?

Beneficiaries of the seasonal allowance are employees of the following sectors: Builders, quarries, lime-makers, bricklayers, potters, rescuers, resin collectors, smokers, musicians of their respective professional associations, shoemakers , cinema and television technicians, theatre and cinema travellers, cinema operators and auxiliaries, cinema and theatre controllers, cinema cashiers and theatre employees and tourist-food industry, dancers – members of their same field or associations and technical employees in live audiovisual events are members of the relevant unions or within the same field.

Documents required

1) Electronic Application – Statutory Declaration

2) In the case of musicians, a certificate from the professional association concerned.

3) In the case of lift operators etc. operator license.


For the payment of seasonal allowance, the following supporting documents are required:

  • For third-country nationals, residence permit details are searched by the Ministry of Interior.
  • The details of the TAX statement are searched by the General Secretariat for Information Systems (GSCS)
  • The insurance details are cross-checked by the IKA-ETAM electronic system.

In order to secure the benefit the beneficiary must carefully copy his/her TAX No. (AFM) the AM. IKA and the bank account number (IBAN) to which it should report as the first beneficiary. Payment of the allowance to the beneficiary is made by credit to the account that he / she has stated in the Electronic Application – – Statutory Declaration. The supporting documents for the days of insurance, income and residence permit for third-country nationals are requested by OAED on their own request through the EFKA Information Systems (formerly IKA-ETAM) of the GGPS and the Ministry of Interior, respectively. Information on terms, conditions, seasonal allowance and supporting documents is available on the Agency’s website (

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