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Self Tests:- What applies for employers, employees and school children (pdf included for printing)

Self test: What applies to the statement of students, employees – What opens May 17


For which employees is the self test mandatory – What applies to the student statement at – What activities reopen tomorrow Monday

Self-test is required for students, teachers, but also employees in public and private sector, in order to return to school or work tomorrow Monday, May 17 and the results of the tests must be submitted to the platform .

If they test positive, they should stay home and then undergo a second test, this time molecular in a public or private health facility. It is noted that now students and school staff perform only one self test every week and not two, as was the case until last week and self-diagnosis is done 24 hours before school, ie Sunday afternoon or evening, while the result , whether positive or negative, is stated on the relevant platform.



In addition to students, teachers and school staff, self-tests must be carried out and declared by public sector, local government, military and civilian personnel of the Ministry of National Defence, the Greek Police, the Fire Brigade, the Coast Guard, Port Police and all court clerks.


In the private sector, in order to return to work on Monday, those who work in retail, catering, financial and insurance activities, transportation, cleaning services, hairdressers, barbershops, beauty salons are required to have a negative self test as well as gambling and betting services and driving schools.


Self-tests for the younger students are provided by the parents and guardians from the pharmacies, while the employees take the self test from the pharmacy with the AMKA and their police ID/passport.


Heavy fines amounting to 1,500 euros


As has been announced, the employers of the mentioned sectors are not allowed to employ any employee (with physical presence) if he has not undergone a self test and has not declared the negative result.


In case an employee is caught coming to work without declaring the result of the self test then the employer is obliged not to accept the job provision and is even released from the obligation to pay wages, until the employee complies with his obligations.



The employer is obliged to inform his employees by any appropriate means (e-mail, text message, announcement, etc.) about the mandatory self-tests. Otherwise, he could be faced with an imposed fine of 300 euros.

If an employer is employed by an employee who employs an employee who has not declared a self-test result, a fine of 500 euros per employee is imposed.

If an employer is found who employs an employee with a positive self-test (either in the first or in the repeat test), he is fined 1,500 euros per employee.


Playgrounds and nurseries open on May 17, but without a self test

The Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Domna Michailidou, explained the context in which the kindergartens and day-care centres will reopen from Monday, May 17, but also what the parents should pay attention to. Unlike students of other levels of education who will undergo a self-test – once a week instead of two as was the case until today – students of kindergartens and nurseries will not undergo the process of self-diagnosis. It is also noted that children in kindergartens are not required to wear a mask.


Undersecretary of Labour and Social Affairs Domna Michailidou, speaking on Open T.V with Faye Mavragani, stressed that priority will be given to vaccinating workers in the country’s nurseries, even those for whom the relevant age-appropriate platforms have not been opened. They must wear a mask and undergo a self test twice a week.


The activities that open tomorrow Monday 17 May


Kindergartens and nurseries open tomorrow, Monday, May 17th. At the same time, the practical and laboratory exercises in IEK and colleges are reopened, as well as the live operation of the Second Chance Schools. In this case, too, self-tests will be performed once a week. Sports academies also start with training in small groups of up to ten people.


At noon on Thursday, the Ministry of Development announced the new schedule for the resumption of economic activities. Particularly:


May 14: Casino / According to the health protocol. Conspiracy offices / According to the health protocol of the drama services (1 / 25- mask- distance 2 meters- avoidance of physical contact- fixed appointment- self test.

May 24: OPAP PLAY / According to the health protocol

May 31 Gyms / According to the health protocol and population ratio 1/10 sqm- 2 self tests / employees Wellness services / According to the operating rules of the Aesthetic Catering Centres, reception areas etc / Outdoors according to the operating rules of the restaurant

June 7 Houses of prostitution / According to the 2020 health protocol.


Detailed instructions for self test in schools

According to the Ministry of Education, from Monday, May 17, a self-test will be required only once a week for the attendance of students in the country’s schools. The test will be performed within 24 hours before school arrival every Monday morning, the result will be announced on the self test platform according to the instructions, and students will bring with them a negative test certificate, which they display at school.

*** pdf available to print off below


It is noted that the certificate (school card for covid 19) must be completed by students at their arrival every Monday morning. In case of inability to enter the platform, they can have the school card printed and fill it out.


Through the process of self-control with a home test for rapid antigen detection, the citizen protects both his health and his loved ones.


The purpose of this procedure is to protect Public Health by detecting asymptomatic carriers of the SARS – CoV -2 virus easily, quickly and reliably.

If you have taken a home test and tested positive for the new coronavirus, you can have a new test to confirm the former. This can be done anywhere you wish privately or publicly within the next 24 hours.


Once a week self test

The coronavirus self-diagnostic test is now performed once a week for each student and teacher. Under AMKA, students and teachers are provided with free tests every week from the pharmacy, along with information material. The result is displayed for school attendance.


As for the special education units, the self-test is mandatory for teachers, while there is a strong recommendation for the test to be performed on students. Students and teachers do self-tests at home. It is recommended that the test be done the same morning or the night before. So, the first test can be done on Sunday night or Monday morning.


How the result is declared

Parents, students and teachers declare the result of the self-test through the platform They enter the platform with the taxisnet codes, entering specific data, such as surname, name , AMKA and the result of the self-test. If the self-test is negative, a school card will be issued to students through this platform.


When can you make a handwritten statement?

Students carry the school card with them throughout the week and show it to their teachers in the first hour of Monday. For teachers, the negative result statement is issued through the same platform. If there is no access to a printer at home, parents and teachers will be able to write a handwritten statement containing the same information as the school card, the negative result statement. Please look at the pdf available below so you are able to write your handwritten statement.

To downlowed the pdf form for your school click HERE →covid19-self-test-print zakynthos informer



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