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Shipwreck Cove, the Navagio of Zakynthos new plan proposals

As we know the area of “shipwreck cove” or Navagio, has been under a ban by the port authorities prohibiting any form of approach to the beach due to landslides last year, however the approach from above for our visitors have not had a problem as such although there are some serious problems in regards to providing safety to our visitors within the area.

Proposals for the area were mentioned in a meeting yesterday by the Holy Metropolis, as the area belongs to the Monastery of St. George. In the past there has been many attempts to prove that there area does belong to the church and it was mentioned within the meeting the ancient documentation that proves without a doubt that the area belongs to the Monastery but building within the area also comes under forestry laws.

The representatives of the church mentioned they understand the need to have a safe area for the whole of Zakynthos, being aware that the “Shipwreck” has now become a beacon for tourists to visit our island,  however, reminding people that there have been tragic events in the past where people took selfies within the area.  They have decided to propose an idea on how they can improve the area for the good of our Island, where all authorities on our Island  can cooperate together, thus supplying a tourist destination with all its modern facilities and within a pleasant environment where one can enjoy the natural beauty the area offers, whilst still keeping tourism at a high standard, something of which has not been offered so far. Presenting their ideas they mentioned that the area would become a park within a fifteen acre lot and that all buildings will try to blend in with its surrounding area. The area will be broken up into three main stages. The first being the welcoming area of about 6.5 acres in which a parking area will be created for one hundred and twenty car spaces, ten coach areas and ten spaces for people with special needs. There will also be an entrance area where visitors will have to pass through and then to the left, a building of a hundred and fifty square metres which will include an information office, an office for staff, security and rest rooms.

The second stage will include the area of attraction, that being the well know “shipwreck” where one will encounter a second building on the right which will be used for events, seminars or conferences, then a path leading to the main building which will include the ticket office, souvenir shops and rest rooms.

The building will also give the visitor the opportunity to walk out to the main platform area and into the third stage area, that being the skywalk platform to see the main attraction, the “Shipwreck ” and of course view Shipwreck cove. It’s here on the skywalk that people will be able to take ample selfies without endangering themselves as the skywalk itself will be made with special glass so as to take in all the beauty of the surrounding area.

A restaurant area will also be provided thus giving the visitor an opportunity to stay longer and enjoy the park within a safe and a natural environment, totally enjoying what our Island has to offer. There will also be ample area to find local products as there will be stalls provided within the area making sure that our local products are also promoted.

At the meeting there were some concerns about the area, such of those were if there were any studies concerning the area in regards to landslides and for safety reasons in case of wildfires, both were answered that studies are in process and that along with the proposal of the Holy Metropolis and their invitation for authorities to work all together as one, for the best of Zakynthos and her people, that they all can overcome the problem the Island faces in regards to the Navagio.

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  1. A very constructive project for the Island that gave me the first “πνοή ” kalvos .Hope the right people get involved

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