Sunday , August 1 2021

Stay safe at shipwreck viewpoint!

Many tourists are aware that there’s a viewing platform at the north of the island where they can get a great view of the shipwreck/Navagio beach from above.

It’s very popular and a perfect viewpoint for the iconic beach and shipwreck.

Unfortunately however, there are many tourists who choose to go outside of the designated area and to walk along the clifftop searching for a better view where they stop to take panoramic views, selfies and some even sit on the edge dangling their legs over!

It is (and always has been) recommend by island authorities that people don’t walk along the cliff top or sit on it. This is because the cliffs either side of the viewpoint can be unstable and dangerous, especially in summer months when it’s hot and dry.

Sadly there have been fatalities in recent years where people have ignored these very clear warnings and fallen over the edge whilst trying to take photos.

In the last week a resident has taken some shocking and worrying photos of tourists standing and sitting on the edge of the cliffs, completely unaware of the danger they are putting themselves and others in. If you fall it’s not you that will suffer, it’s your family, friends, those who witness it as well as the emergency services who will all be affected.

Keeping yourself safe

The viewpoint on the cliffs overlooking Navagio has been created as a safe place for tourists and visitors to view the beach and the shipwreck, and there are signs warning people not to walk along the cliffs. Many tour operators will also advise the same.

Be safe whilst on Zakynthos, enjoy your holiday, your life isn’t worth risking for the sake of a photo.


Photos courtesy C Lountzi/Team archive

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