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Stray cats and dogs and how to help



Many holidaymakers and visitors to Zakynthos will, at some point, come across stray cats or dogs. Greece in general is a nation of animal lovers and whilst there are negative stories that are sometimes reported upon about animals – as it is all over the world – a majority of Greek people adore their animals and treat them well. In some areas of Greece however, especially on the islands, the number of strays animals is higher than normal. On Zakynthos there are a number of dedicated groups and volunteers who help to feed, look after and foster/re-home strays. If you would like to help the volunteers with your time, donations, re-home an animal or ever have any concerns about a stray cat or dog then you can get in touch with volunteers as listed below. Please bear in mind that all of the volunteers are extremely busy, and will do their best to help as soon as they can, but they are very overstretched with the amount of work they have to do, so please be patient.

Zakynthos Volunteers/Charities (In alphabetical order)


Healing Paws Animal Rescue 

This group of volunteers focus on the homing and rehabilitation of abandoned and mistreated cats and dogs. Their ethic is to help any animal in need and ensure that they are looked after and if possible get them a safe and loving home. The volunteers who run Healing Paws Animal Rescue nurse animals back to health, whilst paying for general upkeep and veterinary fees. All of this is done on a voluntary basis, with their owns funds, but they do accept Gifts and Donations, the details of which can be found under the Gifts section of the website.

Further information can be found on their website, or facebook page by searching Healing Paws Animal Rescue.

You can contact them their via email address: 

Donations can be made via the following details:


UK Donations:

Lloyds Bank

Healing Paws Animal Rescue

Sort Code: 30-99-15

Account: 28068468


International Donations:

IBAN: GB81LOYD30991528068468


Zakynthos Animal Welfare Fund (ZAWF)

This group of volunteers focus on the care and welfare of stray animals, with an aim of protecting them from mistreatment ensuring they get a good quality of life and their health is look after. They also aim to help promote sterilisation and educate the public, as well as fostering and feeding animals in need. Zakynthos Animal Welfare Fund organise a number of fundraising events throughout the year such as Dog Walks, Easter Bazaars and Dog Shows, the details are added to their website and posted on facebook. 

Further information can be found on their website, or facebook page by searching ZAWF (Zakynthos Animal Welfare Fund).

You can contact them their via email address: 

Donations can be made via the following details:


UK Donations:


ZAWF (Zakynthos Animal Welfare Fund)

Account: 70920745


International Donations:

IBAN: GB21 NWBK 5581 0770 9207 45


Greek Donations:


A/C No: 772 00 2002 008814

IBAN: GR56 0140 7720 7720 0200 2008 814


Zante Strays

This group of volunteers focus on rescuing and rehoming animals with an aim to do what they can to improve conditions of stray cats and dogs. They also have a programme of sterilisation set up for both cats and dogs, to try and prevent kittens and puppies being dumped. Recent fundraising has helped to set up a shelter where dogs due to be re-homed are looked after and kept safe.

Further information can be found on their website, or facebook page by searching Zante Strays

You can contact them their via email address: 

Donations can be made via the following details:


UK Donations:

Lloyds Bank

Zante Strays

Sort Code: 30-15-97

Account: 28068468


European and International Donations:

IBAN: GB98LOYD30159730757968


Feeding Stations and General Volunteers

As well as the charities mentioned above, there are also feeding groups across the island in the following locations: 

Road house in Alykanas 

Green Frog in Argassi 

Not on the Beach bar in Kalamaki

Chevys in Laganas 

The Babystore in Tsilivi 

Many of these locations will also accept donations of food or money too. These feeding groups work independently and alongside the Charities when necessary. These feeding station volunteers don’t receive any donations from the Charities, it’s all done from donations, and they often use their own money to keep the strays in these areas fed.

The work all of these volunteers do is vital, and they have helped thousands of Zakynthos cats and dogs, but they do it on a voluntary basis with and all costs are handled via donations. Please contact them directly if you feel you can help, or would like to give a stray animal from Zakynthos a forever home.

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Chrissie Parker joined the Zakynthos Informer Team in 2014. Chrissie’s first experience of the island was a combined birthday and wedding celebration, in true Zakynthian style. Since then she has been able to combine her love of the island, including its incredible history, tradition and culture, with her love of writing.

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  1. Loes Blokzijl-Miedema

    Hi Chrissie, can I share this article on the Dutch site on Facebook: Zakynthos, vakantie & tips?

    • Chrissie Parker

      Hi Loes, yes of course, you are welcome to share the website posts to your page any time. Just copy and paste the link.

  2. Hi. We found 5 kittens about two weeks old dumped in a bag in Ann oil can at a dumpster. WE are working very hard and we are full as a B&B at this moment. We cannot keep them. We already are fostering two kittens, we have 4 adopted dogs and 9 other cats. It is too much. We need urgent help. Please someone to feed them and care. Very desperate.

    • Chrissie Parker

      You will need to contact one of the charities in this post. They should be able to help or advise.

  3. Angelica Åström

    Hello Chrissie!
    How can I get in Touch with someone / volunteer in Green Frog Argassi…
    Im writing this from Sweden ,but my brother who is now in Zakynthos sent me a picture of a cat with a severe eyeiinfection…Do you know how I can get in Touch with anyone who can help??
    Thank you so much for you answer 🙂 / Angelica Åström

    • Chrissie Parker

      Hi Angelica, they have a Facebook page with all the contact detail and website address on. If you search for them you will find it with black and green logo.

  4. Hallo Chrissie!
    Mein Name ist Ute Windisch. Mein Mann und ich machen Urlaub bis 15.06. auf Zakynthos.
    Wir wären gerne 2 mal Flugpate für zwei Hunde.
    Unser Heimflug geht nach Stuttgart.
    Liebe Grüße Ute

    • Chrissie Parker

      Hi Ute, you will need to speak to the charities in the post, they are the ones who deal directly with the animals and need the funds. They all have email addresses and phones numbers.

  5. Thanks for the great info! Looking forward to more updates on this.

  6. Hi which is the best place to contact with regards to taking a stray home to the uk?


    • Chrissie Parker

      Most of the charities mentioned regime. Drop them all an email and see how they can help and what suits you best. Please bear in mind they get very busy so it maybe a few days before they respond.

  7. I know you are probably inundated with messages. But there is a black bitch who is very skinny and may have had puppies Recently. She looks like she has fleas as her skin is in pretty bad condition. She is in the area of the tsilivi beach hotel

    • Unfortunately there’s nothing that we can do, we aren’t an animal charity. You will need to contact the people listed in the post above. Thanks.

  8. Hello, I’m Sarah and I’m staying in Zakynthos Tsilivi for vacation. We found a street dog in our “hotel” en it followed us to our room so it’s staying the night with us. Unfortunately we can’t take it with us back home because we have already 1 dog and 2 puppies but is there anyway we can help this dog?
    Kind regards,
    Sarah De Borger

    • Hi Sarah, you will need to contact the people in the above post. They are the ones who will be able to help you.

  9. There are 2 cute cats near the asteri collection near astos. Would be great, if u could help both, one of them is pregnant

    • You need to contact one of the charities in the post, we can’t do anything. It’s the people in the post who can help.

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