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Sunday 3rd November Fasolada Day in Katastari.

A Tradition of cooking the Greek dish known as “Fasolada” (bean soup) by the Association of Old Scouts of Zakynthos will continue.  Faithful to their word, this year the scouts will gather on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019, at the Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist in Katastari.

The fasolada will be prepared in large quantities by the members of the Zakynthos Old Scouts Association. In a custom that now takes on a true celebration.

There will be a Divine Liturgy at 09:00a.m in the Temple of the Monastery. After, the guests will enjoy delicious, fasolada in the open air of the Monastery. Along with the fasolada, and always free are servings of herring, pickles and of course village bread. The only thing you have to do is bring your plate to enjoy what the association has to offer

The celebration has now become established as one of the major winter events on the island and always attracts many people. Note that this year’s gathering is dedicated to the memory of the old scouts and members of the Union, Dionysios Melita and Anastasios Margaris.

In their announcement, Zakynthos Scouts stated that leaders Nionio Melita and Anastasios Margaris as saying: “In the summer of 2019, our island scout family lost two of its active members. Our brothers Nionios and Tassis left us after a serious health problem. Their loss made us very sad. The scouts lost an important link to the chain of brothers. Since joining the scout body both have been distinguished for their activity at critical times on the island, especially in the 1953 earthquake, and were honoured with bravery. They remained active members of our Union until their very last breath. “

Veteran scouts of Zakynthos have established this custom for years. When the weather permits, they carry their cauldrons in the open air of the monastery and cook large quantities of spiced, aromatic and delicious beans, cooked over the fire, with craftsmanship, patience and care. And it’s always enough for the thousands of visitors who go up every year to the Monastery of Katastari. The soul of the custom and of the whole event is, Vasilis Bastas. Not leaving for one moment the huge pots and distributes himself generous amounts of delicious fasolada, from the huge spoon, to everyone.

For the full story in Greek and photos please click on source link https://www.imerazante.gr/

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