Sunday , August 1 2021

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Zakynthos:- Shipwreck land area devastated by fire. (VIDEOS)

Devastation can only be described by the views we see today at the famous land area of Navagio. Fire reached the platform viewing area of the famous shipwreck leaving behind a blackened land without a single bit of greenery. The area that is visited by thousands of visitors every year …

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Fire near the monastery of Saint George. (Video)

A forest fire broke out a short while ago in the area between the Shipwreck and Agios Georgios of Krimna. The fire department were quick to get 5 water trucks up to the area.   Aerial support has also been brought in.  Operating at the moment are 4 PZL type aeroplanes, …

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Zakynthos:- Huge clean-up campaign at famous “Shipwreck & Blue Caves.

A huge campaign over the weekend saw volunteer groups around Zakynthos joining forces. Their goal to clean up one of our most famous beaches “Shipwreck’ Notification on one of the group’s FB page read as this:-   “The “ZaCLEANthos” and “Green Activist Group” Teams … After what tragically we saw …

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