Saturday , July 31 2021

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The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos hold memorial service for those who lost their lives in the 53 quake.

Today the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos took the initiative to honour those lost in the Great quake of 1953. At exactly the same hour, 11.23a.m on the 12th August the memorial service took place. The memorial service took place at the Central Cemetery of Zakynthos. Honouring those who had lost their …

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Remembering the Great Ionian Earthquake of 1953

A terrible week in Ionian history This weekend is a sombre one in the history of the island of Zakynthos, when the island was shaken by one of the worst earthquakes the area ever experienced. This event was actually series of earthquakes that began on the 8 August 1953, building …

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