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Zakynthos stories 2010 to 2020

To help celebrate the last ten years of the Zakynthos Informer we thought we would report on some memorable stories from 2010 to 2020. The problem we found however, is that there have been so many and it’s really hard to know that to choose! To try and narrow it …

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Photos of the Procession of St Dionysios

As most of our members know, this weekend Zakynthos celebrates the Patron Saint of Zakynthos, St Dionysios. Every year on the 24 August St Dionysios’ remains are taken from the main church in Zakynthos Town and processed through the town. It’s very important and traditional time of year and a …

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Museums of Greek life, Folklore and the Natural World

For a small island, Zakynthos has a wealth of interesting and important museums that aim to highlight and educate visitors with the historical, traditional and environmental sides of the island. There’s something for everyone and whether you’re interested in learning more for educational purposes, or just wanting to delve further …

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Zakynthos Life

Zakynthian life is varied and plentiful, and many love it whether they’re local or a visitor. Day-to-day The day-to-day way of life in Zakynthos would be classed as relaxed during the winter months. During the summer months, whether Zakynthians are involved in agriculture or tourism, Zakynthians work very hard and …

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