Wednesday , August 4 2021

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Zakynthos joins in activities to honour “World Environment Day”

Zakynthos is its efforts to make citizens aware of environmental issues decided to act, joining in one of the many of activities taking place world-wide. The United Nations, recognizing that the protection and improvement of the environment is an issue of major importance that affects the well-being of people and …

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Fires in mountainous areas of Zakynthos, talk of arson. (VIDEO)

Last Friday night was a nightmare for the mountain villages of Maries and Exo Chora. Residents were anxious for many hours as the fire grew stronger, which unfortunately burnt hundreds of acres of forest land and crops. Over 400 stremata in fact which converts to just under 99 acres of …

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Zakynthos: George Stasinopoulos | Nothing has changed in what has been planned for Liva to date. The new Regional FODSA will have as its object the management of waste without collection, which will remain in the competence of the Municipality.

The environmental bill, and more specifically Article 93, which concerns us directly, was submitted for consultation, even for a short period of time, during which teleconferences were held between Mayors, the Region and Ministries. Initially, the new Board of Directors of the Public Limited Company was expected to be five …

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Environment:- Rally against new environmental bill 19.00p.m Monday 04/05… WE NEED YOU!!!

On Monday, May 4, 2020, environmental groups, unions and AMKE of Zakynthos invite citizens to a protest rally against the new anti-environmental bill that is being voted on next Tuesday in Parliament. We call on you to demonstrate our opposition to a bill that without dialogue, without consultation, without transparency, …

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Minister of Environment and Energy Meets with MP of Zakynthos in regards to important issues.

Kostis Hatzidakis, on the waste of Zakynthos: “A consultation process is underway to finally close before the start of the tourist season. In a statement issued by our local Member of Parliament, Mr Dionysios Aktypis important talks in regards to issues concerning our Island made progress.   Statement. I had …

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