Friday , April 3 2020
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ARCHELON sends report to European Commission in regards to violations within The Marine Park of Zakynthos during 2019.

A recent annual report released by ARCHELON in regards to Zakynthos and her National Marine Park is not impressive. Many violations recorded by the Sea Turtle Protection Society are definitely a cause for alarm. The report itself has been submitted to the European Commission, the Standing Committee of Bern Convention …

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Proposals on environmental issues for Zakynthos in Parliament.

Member of Parliament of Zakynthos, Mr. Dionysios Aktypis gave his first speech at the meeting of the Special Standing Committee for the Environment. The meeting in which he handed over his proposals took place yesterday.  In a discussion with the committee, programmed talks on environmental problems and the possible “Planning …

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Volunteer Group of Zakynthos.. Artwork on bins!

The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos are continuing their actions throughout the summer. This time in a continuing effort for change on our Island, they are homing in on our environment. Generally speaking the Volunteer group’s aim is to make our community aware of environmental issues and that change towards caring …

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