Sunday , August 1 2021

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Green Activists Group -Clean up Laganas forest and the surrounding area

We are lucky on Zakynthos to have so many volunteers who want to help keep our island clean. The Green Activists cleaned up for two days around the area of Laganas and the forest there. Car bumpers, televisions, several meters of pipes, 75 garbage bags full of garbage and much …

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Zakynthos:- The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos has managed to put a little brightness into the Zakynthian Christmas (photos)

The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos spread Christmas cheer! The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos, in collaboration with the Port Fund of Zakynthos, proceeded with the electrification of its manger today. The idea of ​​a full-size manger started last year. This year, the whole project took shape with the cooperation of several …

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Zakynthos:- Huge clean-up campaign at famous “Shipwreck & Blue Caves.

A huge campaign over the weekend saw volunteer groups around Zakynthos joining forces. Their goal to clean up one of our most famous beaches “Shipwreck’ Notification on one of the group’s FB page read as this:-   “The “ZaCLEANthos” and “Green Activist Group” Teams … After what tragically we saw …

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Zakynthos:- Volunteers in huge clean up campaign at “Shipwreck” cove.

A new action campaign is starting this weekend with several volunteer organisations joining forces. The well known beach cleaning team “ΖaCLEANthos” and the new “Green Activist Group” with boats will be cleaning up our sea and beachfront. The local business, Porto Vromi Maries Cruises-Fun with their boats, with 25 volunteers …

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Zakynthos:- Volunteers in action. Proving more hands makes light work.

Most of us know that Zakynthos has a severe problem when it comes to our waste. Where our authorities have failed, Volunteer groups have taken the initiative to take charge. On a positive note. It seems that there are more Volunteer Groups being formed throughout Zakynthos over the last few …

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