Sunday , August 1 2021

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Greece:- Vassilis Kikilias calls for new measures.

“Unfortunately, the transmission of the virus shows dangerously increasing trends”, says in a statement the Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias, calling for the observance of the basic personal safety measures against the new coronavirus, while announcing new measures to limit its spread. “I call once again on the youth and …

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Meet Costa and Natasha…. They could be that one step to improving YOU, that you are looking for.

Do you want to get fit? Do you love life? Well you can combine the two with experts Natasha and Costa. Who are they you ask? Natasha is like most of us, a working mum of two gorgeous boys, and a business owner wife. As she says, “I totally understand …

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CORONAVIRUS:- Increase in COVID-19… more restrictions in Northern Greece.

The list of cases of coronavirus in our country is growing. As of today, Tuesday 31/03/20220,  82 new cases were recorded, with the total number reaching 1,314. According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Health Professor of Infectious Diseases, Sotiris Tsiodras, 20 were from crew members from a cruise ship among the …

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Coronavirus: Get the Facts

What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus, more commonly known as COVID 19, is a zoonotic virus, closely linked to other respiratory viruses of the same family, such as colds, flu’s, MERs and SARs.They can pass between animals and humans and most carry similar symptoms such as fevers, coughs, and shortness of breath. …

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Carnivals cancelled across Greece

Due to the confirmation of cases of Coronavirus in Thessaloniki and Athens the Greek Health Ministry have announced that Carnivals across Greece this weekend should be cancelled. The health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said “Based on (expert) recommendation, and to protect public health… we have decided to cancel cardinal events in …

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Coronavirus case in Greece

It’s been announced that a case of Coronavirus has been confirmed in Greece in Thessaloniki, the patient entered the country on an Italian flight. Another person in Corfu has been hospitalised for precaution, also on an incoming Italian flight, but they have not been confirmed as having the illness. Many …

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