Sunday , July 5 2020

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Laganas, Residents alarmed at possible flooding.

The picture in Laganas is rather disappointing due to rubbish being spread throughout. Ditches have become filled with rubbish which has therefore caused a huge problem with the drainage system in the area often becoming blocked with accumulated waste.  Our Local newspaper ‘Hmera’ carried out a small investigation in the …

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Arrests made in Lagana.

Police arrested two nationals in Lagana on Saturday, 24th August, early hours of the morning. The two nationals 20 and 16 years old, occupied their victim whilst thieving. Their victim was an 18 year old vacationer. After reporting the incident to the Police, the two were immediately recognised on the …

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Foreigners arrested in Lagana, Zakynthos.

During the early hours of the morning, on Thursday 15th August, police arrested a 22 year old in Lagana. The young man when caught by the Crime Prevention Team, was carrying a small amount of cocaine and 300 ampoules of laughing gas. While the Security Department of Zakynthos are investigating …

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Tourist caught vandalising.

Unfortunately, the unpleasant incidents never seem to stop in Laganas. Only moments after midnight, an English tourist, completely without thought decided to destroy a street light,  located on the pathway in Laganas, on the main road leading to Kalamaki. As you can see from the photos, (click on link below),  …

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British national in hospital after a brawl.

A 35 year old British national seriously injured after a brawl that started in Lagana late Thursday night.  According to police sources, the 35-year-old British citizen got into a confrontation with another 2 men of the same nationality aged 25 and 22 whilst enjoying himself at a well known bar …

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