Wednesday , August 4 2021

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Zakynthos; the jewel of the Ionian

No one ever thought that we’d hear the words Pandemic in our lifetime. Let’s face it, when you hear the words pandemic it makes you think of our ancestors during Mediaeval times, with poor sanitation, poor diets, and poor habitation. The last year has shown us, however, the world always …

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Austria: Easing of restrictions due to the pandemic, on 19 May

The finalization and details of the opening scheduled for May 19 in Austria in the fields of catering, tourism, culture and sports, were announced in the afternoon in Vienna by the federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz, after the consultations he had from the morning, through teleconference with the governors of the …

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Loss of billions for Lufthansa, Accelerates the modernization of its fleet

On the way out of the pandemic, Lufthansa, the German airline, still has a long way to go. After further losses of billions in the first quarter of the year, the most economically powerful air transport group in Europe lowered its expectations for a gradual recovery of flights and air transport. …

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Mitsotakis: In mid-May, the return to normalcy begins

In mid-May, when the tourist activity begins, the Prime Minister and President of ND Kyriakos Mitsotakis has identified this as a milestone for the beginning of the return to the rhythms of normalcy. During his speech at an online seminar within the “Political Academy of Executives Plus” Democracy on “The …

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European Parliament: Coronavirus crisis has paralyzed the tourism sector in the EU

The resolution on the EU strategy for sustainable tourism, which was adopted by 577 votes to 31 with 80 abstentions on Thursday, notes that the coronavirus crisis has paralyzed the EU tourism sector, with 6 out of 27 million people the sector is at risk of losing their jobs. MEPs …

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How to deal with our waste during the pandemic. The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos offer advice.

HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR WASTE DURING THE PANDEMIC It is important to know that all the protection measures we use, such as gloves, hand wipes, masks, disinfectants, are NOT RECYCLABLE and must be placed in sealed garbage bags.   In a period of pandemic, we DO NOT LEAVE GARBAGE BAGS …

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