Sunday , August 1 2021

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Strict checks on all passangers on arrival at the port. Rapid tests on those who wanted

Particularly strict and intensive are the controls at the main gate of our island. In the Port by the members of the Coast Guard. In fact, every passing vehicle is checked. While those who wish are able to have a rapid tests by KOMY Zakynthos. Especially during the days of …

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KOMY 142 rapid tests in the town centre

As every day, so today the Mobile Health Team (KOMY) of Zakynthos carried out free rapid tests on those citizens who wished, outside the building of the Regional Unit of Zakynthos, with the help of the Civil Protection of the Counter-Region. 142 tests were performed, of which 5 were positive …

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Kleftiko is a traditional Greek slow-cooked stew, usually made from pork or lamb, potatoes, hard cheese and Mediterranean herbs. Here’s what you need;- Ingredients – up to 6 servings 1 1/2 kilos pork with bone, cut into large pieces 1 to 2 pieces per portion or 1 kilo pork without …

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Zakynthos: Two years after the earthquake, the port is being restored with delays

Today marks two years since the strong earthquake of October 26, 2018 and if there is one thing that should be pointed out on the occasion of this anniversary, it is that repairing the damage caused to public infrastructure and private property, proves to be extremely time consuming.   Another …

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Delays at Zakynthos Port

Zakynthos Informer team member Louise has reported live from the Port of Zakynthos that there are some ferry delays at the Port today. Stuck at the port awaiting the ferry, on her way to the Gisotra Competition, Louise updated us on chaotic scenes that were said to be due to …

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Expats, vote this May!

Maria Drogitis from the Ionian Echo joined Bobby Gee on Island FM’s Breakfast show to inform listeners that she will be running  Nick Tsipiras  Municipality Council chairman under Candidate mayor Yannis Agalianos in the forthcoming May elections. Maria said “we will be dealing with administrators and people who care about …

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