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Zakynthos:- 21st of May a special celebration

A special day for us Zakynthians not only are we celebration St. Helen and St. Constantinos but it is also the official day for us to celebrate our independence. History. In October 1798, the Turkish fleet occupied Zakynthos. On March 21, 1800, a treaty between Turkey and Russia was signed. …

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Celebrations in Zakynthos today. Saint George and the Litany of Laurentaina

Religious Celebrations continue in Zakynthos today, perhaps the most unique of all is the Festival in Voidi today. (more information will be given in the book Zakynthos the flower of the East ) Early in the morning the icons of the Resurrection and Laurentaina are taken up from the Holy Trinity …

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March 25th Greece celebrates and the whole world with her…200 years of independence (Video)

25th of March – The Annunciation and the Independence day of Greece. The 25th of March has a special meaning to all Greeks. It is a double celebration. As Orthodox Christians we celebrate the Annunciation (Ευαγγελισμός της Θεοτόκου), and also our Independence day. Independence Day.  Η Μέρα της Ανεξαρτησίας After …

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Zakynthos:- Saint Dionysios three day celebrations, PROGRAMME 2020.

Feast Ceremonies of Saint Dionysios. During the three days from 23rd to 26th of August 2020, Zakynthos, with all formality and in accordance to the Hellenic Health Organisation regulations for the prevention of the transmission of Covid-19, celebrates the return of the Holy remains of Saint Dionysios **11.00a.m The announcement that …

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Zakynthos:- Saint Marina:- history and Zakynthian tradition.

Today is the celebration of St. Marina. Known to the English as Margaret the Virgin-Martyr History. According to the version of the story in Golden Legend, she was a native of Antioch. The daughter of a pagan priest named Aedesius. Her mother having died soon after her birth. Nursed by …

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