Saturday , July 31 2021

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Greece:- Travelling to the Greek Islands or across Greece? Here’s what you need to know!

Vaccination certificate for travel – What is valid for travelling around Greece. What applies to travel and travelling around Greece from region to region on the mainland and to the islands Citizens who have been vaccinated for coronavirus are in a hurry to obtain a vaccination certificate as this is …

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Zakynthos:- Vaccinations in Zakynthos more companies to be added.

As we all know vaccinations have taken place now from some months. However, the “Freedom project” will be enhanced by other vaccinations becoming available in the very near future. Vaccination lines. A Pfizer vaccination line is currently operating at the IKA vaccination center and another from the same company is …

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Zakynthos to come down a category in regards to the Covid map.

According to information, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias will announce at 18:00p,m,  that Zakynthos will go down a level in regards to the Map of Health Safety and Protection from covid-19 infection. In recent weeks we remained within the category “deep red”, due to …

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Ionian Region:- Regional Governor gives interview to Brussels’ newspaper NewEurope, Ionian Islands a “safe” holiday destination.

The advantages thanks to their geopolitical position and the role they can play in modern times both for Greece and for the rest of Europe for the development of transport, energy pipelines of international cooperation, but also the promotion of the Ionian Islands as primarily safe tourist destination, the Regional …

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Zakynthos:- Headlines in Main News as a top tourist destination. (VIDEO)

Our island has been shown all over Greece the last few hours, since a TV crew was here yesterday and the day before headed by  journalist Mr. George Grigoriadis. Today, in the main news bulletin of Alpha Tv, a 3-minute report on our island was shown. The video talks about …

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21st May, for Zakynthos a double celebratation.

Tuesday, 21st of May. A special day for us Zakynthians not only are we celebrating the religious event of  St. Helen and St. Konstantinos but it is also the official day for Zakynthians to celebrate their independence. In October 1798, the Turkish fleet occupied Zakynthos. On March 21st, 1800, a …

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