Tuesday , August 3 2021

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Find your favourite place on Zakynthos with just 3 words!

“I’ll meet you in Zakynthos Town at the location of ‘openly.everything.aspire'” I hear you all asking, where on earth is “openly.everything.aspire” on Zakynthos?! Bear with us and we’ll explain. It’s worth it! These three words “openly.everything.aspire” are actually a designated What3Words location in Solomos Square.  What is What3Words? What3Words, is a …

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KOMY – 70 rapid tests today, all negative

For another day the, the mobile health unit KOMY was in Solomos square carrying out free rapid tests. A total of 70 were done and all were negative. Tomorrow the K.OM.Y. will carry out rapid tests at the Public Perception Organization of Zakynthos (ODAZ). Source IMERA

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Rapid test in Solomos Square, by KOMY, 141 all negative

The KOMY of Zakynthos carried out a rapid test this morning from 11.00 to 13.00. in Solomos Square to those who wanted it.  In fact, from Monday to Thursday at the same time, the Mobile Unit will be at the specific location in order to serve those who want to undergo …

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Remembering the Great Ionian Earthquake of 1953

A terrible week in Ionian history This weekend is a sombre one in the history of the island of Zakynthos, when the island was shaken by one of the worst earthquakes the area ever experienced. This event was actually series of earthquakes that began on the 8 August 1953, building …

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