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A true Zakynthian event this Sunday 15/12/19.

An anniversary event will take place this Sunday at the Cultural Centre (Theatre) at Sarakinado. Celebrating 30 years of their historical foundation, the men’s choir of “Faneromeni” under the Maestro Stamatis Filiakos send an invitation to all. Faneromeni is one of the oldest choirs in Zakynthos. Part of the parish …

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Video of the Litany Saint Dionysios

Yesterday was the highlight of the Saint Dionysios celebrations. The litany took place a little after 7.30p.m and the streets full of people paying tribute. At 9.00p.m as the Saint went back into his church a fireworks display bagan. A video below shows the evenings events. Click on link. …

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Photos of the Procession of St Dionysios

As most of our members know, this weekend Zakynthos celebrates the Patron Saint of Zakynthos, St Dionysios. Every year on the 24 August St Dionysios’ remains are taken from the main church in Zakynthos Town and processed through the town. It’s very important and traditional time of year and a …

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Malliari, a Zakynthian tradition.

In the evening of July 31st, and in view of the Assumption day Lent (15th August) that begins the following day, Zakynthians, as a tradition gathered on the coastal areas of town on from Agio Triatha to Agio Dionysios- most would wander around enjoying the summer night, singing and exchanging conversation, waiting for the …

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The village of Bochali celebrates

Today celebrations start in the picturesque village of Bochali. The village is celebrating Saint Paraskevi and the little church set high on the hill that looks all over Zakynthos will be honoured. According to tradition Saint Paraskevi, meaning Friday in English, was born in a village in Rome. Her parents …

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