Saturday , July 11 2020

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Volunteers make masks for the General Hospital of Zakynthos!

Volunteers helping our front line workers wherever they can, this time the women’s choir of “ΡΟΔΑΜΠΕΛΟΣ.” A call for help. The president of the choir,  Andriana Lykouresi was quick to answer a call for help. The choir, which is also part of the cultural association with speed haste gathered the …

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Graffiti!!! We will not put up with it!

The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos continues its message that “Zakynthos is our home and that our home deserves the best.” After seeing Graffiti written on a wall outside the cultural centre in Zakynthos Town, the team decided to do to something about it. As one member wrote on their FB …

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Volunteers at it again! Go Volunteers!!! Go ZaCLEANthos

The superb work of volunteers continues with “ZaCLEANthos”. The team cleared the roads in the Giatani. Most of the he volunteers from abroad, but their love for Zakynthos has prompted them to begin cleaning up various areas on our island. Six people helped in the clean-up, and the most striking …

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