Tuesday , August 3 2021

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Spanakopita Strifti… Spinach and Cheese pie twist.

Here is Yiayia’s recipe for “spanakopita strifti”. Obviously she has used farm fresh ingredients and has made sure the pastry is home-made. If you want, in place of the “puff pastry” ingredients you may choose to buy ready made. With the recipe below you can make two pies. Recipe ingredients …

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Yiayia’s story walking around the “Perivoli”

Yiayia had me walk around the “perivoli,” meaning garden, yesterday. As we were walking around she picked the flowers of the Lavender plant… Did you know? she said… and started to unravel a story that captured my interest…   “This plant” she said, ” belongs to the goddess Persephone”… Then …

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