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The Carnival has “officially” started! Video and photgraphs of the event.

Yesterday, Tsiknopempti saw a lot of different events around Zakynthos honouring our Carnival traditions. The “Official” begining started yesterday evening.  The Carnival Queen passed through the town waving to on lookers

For those who could not make it watch the video below. The opening announced in true Zakynthian style by the town criers. As soon as the commencement,  the Carnival Queen makes her way down to Saint Marcos square. There, she offers typical Zakynthian delights “Mandalato” to on lookers. To end the show Zakynthian “omilia” speaches are made in typical Zakynthian dialect. The fireworks to start the 10 days of madness as Zakynthians prepare for a funfilled apokreas!





photos and videos by zante and

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Louise is Australian born and has been a Greek citizen since 1991. She has deep cultural ties with the island, often writing about Zakynthian Traditions and Culture. She is also an active member of the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos, Giostra Di Zante and is a member of the women's choir "Rodambelos". Her love of the island and all it offers saw her joining the Zakynthos (Zante) Informer admin team in 2014.

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