Sunday , August 1 2021

The Church of Ambeloikipi pays respect to the a long standing tradition.

This morning at in the Village of Ambelokipi a small celebration took place in honour of hunters. This is the first service of its type within the village. The presence of the church was an important step for the hunters.

During the service the priest mentioned our long history dating back to the 1800’s when English were the first to bring hunting dogs to Zakynthos.

The sport is deep within our roots and is a tradition embraced by all walks of life. Father Lambro’s service paid respects to those who hold our traditions.

Over the years hunters have been accused of working against Mother Nature. This could not be further from the truth. We are reminded that it is these people who are first to plant trees after fires have destroyed the forest. They are often those who join in volunteer groups for patrolling the forests. It is these people police and fire departments call upon when someone goes missing, no one knows better the areas of the forest and mountain region than our hunters!

Whilst at the service our local MP Mr Dionysios Aktypis paid his respects and congratulated those involved. “Today was a day for paying respect to our traditions, well done for our Priest and the parish committee in organizing it.”


At the end of the service the hunters offered a meal of boiled goat, Zakynthian style.

Wishing every one health and prosperity hoping that this type of community spirit will continue in the future.

video moments :-

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